PodMinerar Podcast: Impact Businesses Help Build the New Economy in the Amazon

Impact businesses are ventures that aim to generate positive social and/or environmental effects and financial sustainability. These businesses grow in the Amazon region and can be great allies of traditional economic activities, helping to build a new economy, encouraging sustainable practices and reducing the environmental and social impacts of other activities.

To talk about the subject, this week’s PodMinerar Podcast invited the sociologist, master in Geopolitics and partner at Humana, Bruno Gomes, the owner of Casa do Chocolate Filha do Combu, Izete dos Santos Costa (Mrs. Nena), and the turismologist and chef of Saldosa Maloca restaurant, Prazeres Quaresma dos Santos. They talked about how they developed their own businesses in the region and how mining can contribute to the new economy.

The Amazon and New Economies International Conference

The Brazilian Mining Institute (IBRAM) will hold The Amazon and New Economies International Conference from August 30 to September 1, 2023. Among the objectives of the event are:

  • Supporting a qualified debate on the theme of the new economies in the Amazon, in a broad and unrestricted way.
  • Contributing to the preparation of a medium and long-term agenda on the subject, to promote the integration of actions between the public and private sectors, by promoting new economies.
  • Guiding and contributing to the discussions of the 2025 COP.
  • Identifying and evaluating possible bridges between the mineral sector and the new economies, highlighting new opportunities for cooperation and investment.

It will also be an opportunity to present how corporate mining has been striving to raise the potential to contribute to the conservation of Amazonian biodiversity, through responsible management and social development in mining territories. Click here for more information.

What is the PodMinerar Podcast?

The PodMinerar Podcast is another IBRAM communication channel to disseminate a broad debate on the future of mining and the mining of the future. The episodes are released every Tuesday at 5 pm on digital audio platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Podcast and on the IBRAM website.


For registration and general information about the Conference, contact IBRAM:

+55 31 2626-8036 |

Communication Office

Ana Flávia Flôres
+55 61 98165-3935

João Freire
+55 61 99252-5298









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